42.0 Hz - 5.00 MHz Programmable LCR Meter Model 3550


42.0 Hz - 5.00 MHz Programmable LCR Meter

Model 3550

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  • Basic Accuracy: 0.10%
  • Measurement Speed: 18 ms
  • Test Frequencies: 42 Hz to 5 MHz
  • 18 measurable parameters
  • Absolute or percentage comparator
  • Binning function with 10 output bins
  • Standard RS-232C & I/O interfaces
  • Optional GPIB or BCD interfaces
  • 1-year warranty




The Model 3550 Programmable Impedance/LCR Meter tests within the extensive frequency range of 42.0 Hz to 5.00 MHz. It measures L, C, R, |Z|, Y, D, Q, R, θ, G, X, B, V, I, F, in series or parallel modes. With a basic accuracy of 0.10%, the 3550 is designed for a wide variety of automated or manual test applications. RS-232C & I/O interfaces are standard; GPIB or BCD interfaces are optional.


The Model 3550's speed and versatility significantly increase production line efficiency. It offers the best cost/performance value on the market. Backed by a 1-year warranty and TEGAM's 30-day no risk trial.


An optically isolated control output and RS-232C port are standard with each unit. An optional GPIB or BCD interface is available, along with a wide variety of accessories to accommodate various test applications.


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