4370A DVB Sync Source

4370A DVB Sync Source

Provides highly accurate timekeeping and low phase noise

As broadcasters go digital, pervasively distributed synchronization is a key operational requirement single frequency networks that offer Digital Video Broadcast. Symmetricom's 4370A DVB Sync Source ensures that all stations in a network achieve highly reliable and precise synchronization.

The 4370A DVB Sync Source is a flexible timing system designed for Single Frequency Network (SFN) synchronization for DVB/DAB applications. The 4370A enables DVB-T and DVB-H networks to be deployed across varied landscapes by providing access to low cost, reliable precision time and frequency reference signals, in multiple formats ensuring a robust and reliable network.


Redundancy And Reliability

The 4370A receives reference-timing signals from GPS, fiber optic and E1 inputs and translates them to generate the output signals. In case of a loss of GPS, the 4370A automatically switches to and locks to the auxiliary fiber optic or 2 MHz, 2Mbit/sec input to continually provide outputs that are traceable to a primary reference clock. The 4370As can be linked together via the optional fiber optic transceiver on the input, to provide a double redundant system with no single point of failure allowing for the utmost in system reliability. All of the 4370A outputs are provided on hot swappable modules so each one can be removed if needed or additional outputs can be added without the need for powering down your network.


Power Redundancy From Hot Swap AC or DC Power Supplies

The standard 4370A comes configured with AC/DC hot swap power supplies, (1) 10MHz hot swap output module and (1) 1PPS hot swap output module providing a total of (4) 10MHz and (4) 1PPS outputs. If additional outputs are required, the 4370A 1U chassis can support up to six hot swap output modules which will provide 24 total outputs in a single 1U chassis.


Remote Configuration and Monitoring

To ensure robust network operation, technicians in the network operations center will want network-wide visibility to anywhere an out-of-spec condition may occur so they can take immediate action. The 4370A has a graphical user interface and can be remotely configured and monitored using SNMP. MIB definitions can be obtained from the DVB Sync Source web server.



Robust DVB synchronization (high reliability + high precision) calls for key attributes in the SFN's timing reference. The 4370A DVB sync source addresses each of these key attributes within the core architecture and option modules.


Highly Accurate Timekeeping

Direct GPS input from the 4370A provides < 50 nS accuracy to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time - the international standard). This will maintain to the sub-millisecond level the spacing between bits traveling through the air - so bit echoes do not interfere with each other.


Low Phase Noise

The timing source utilized to generate a signal on a channel can contribute to noise on that channel-which can interfere with clear reception of information. Low phase noise in the 4370A reduces the likelihood of that occurring.


Optional Redundancy

Planners should take into account what happens if GPS reception is lost. The 4370A has a OCXO or Rubidium internal oscillator that operates as a holdover clock that tracks GPS and maintains accuracy if GPS is lost - at least for a day, or longer should operators decide to protect against outages of greater duration.


Key Features



  • 12-Channel GPS Receiver
  • < 50ns Accuracy to UTC
  • Flash Memory for Remote Upgrades
  • Modular/Hot Swap Design
  • Primary and Secondary Reference Inputs
  • Multiple 10MHz Outputs
  • Multiple 1PPS Outputs
  • Dual Hot Swap Power Supplies
  • Low Phase Noise
  • SNMP for Configuration and Monitoring
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Output Squelching
  • Alarm Relay Contacts



  • OCXO or Rubidium Internal Oscillator
  • 2 MHz and 2 Mbit/sec Outputs
  • 2 MHz and 2 Mbit/sec Input
  • Redundant Chassis Configuration
  • Dual Redundant GPS Receivers in One Chassis
  • NTP


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