Ultra-Miniature Space OCXO


The 9700 meets the challenges of many military and space specifications for time and frequency, even under the most adverse environmental conditions.

The environmentally rugged 9700 features a SC-cut quartz resonator and sustaining electronics that are controlled at a precise temerature to achieve temperature insensitive performance, excellent short-term stability, phase noise and aging characteristics.

Miniaturization Without Compromise

The use of hybrid circuitry allows for the greatest possible reduction in size without compromises in performance or reliability.

Compact form Factor Designed for Mobility

This rugged, compact crystal oscillator is especially advantageous when utilized in mobile transportable and portable applications where fast warm-up, low power consumption and small size are required.

Mil Spec Manufacturing

Assembly is performed by skilled operators certified to NASA-approved workmanship standards. Hybrid circuits are produced at facilities qualified to MIL-PRF-38534C. All discrete components are manufactured and tested to grade 2 or optionally grade 1 requirements per MIL-STD-975.

Key Features

  Output Frequency: 4 MHz - 60 MHz

  Warm-Up Time: <5 Minutes From +25ºC

  Fast Warm-Up Option Available

  Low Power Consumption: <1.3W @ 25ºC (In Vacuum)

  Compact Sizes -Typical: 1.33" x 1.33" x 1.33"

  Frequency Aging:
       5MHz:  <5.0E-11/day, <1.5E-8/year
     10 MHz: <3.0E-10/day, <4.0E-8/year

  Frequency Change vs. Temperature: ±4.0E-9 (-40ºC to 65ºC)

  Low g Sensitivity Option Available


The 9700 oscillator series can be customized in output frequency, warm-up time, g-sensitivity, and other characteristics, making it useful for applications such as:Radio navigation

  Radar warning receiver

  Satellite transmission

  Satellite tracking and guidance


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