Calibration baths with black body cavity


Calibration baths with black body cavity


  • metrology performance
  • one size - 15l
  • two temperature ranges -20°C ... +130°C (OB-15/2 BBLT) or 40°C ... +250°C (OB-15/2 BB)
  • stability and homogenity in mK range (for example stability ±0.003 @ 100°C or ±0.006 @ -20°C)
  • best metrology performance for best calibration laboratories
  • perfect solution for calibrating IR thermometers and other thermographic equipment
  • various shapes Black Body Cavities available (ASTM Designation E 1965-98, JIS T 4207:2005 or CEN 2003 EN 12470-5)
  • fluid ensures perfect heat transfer
  • up to 270mm immersion depth
  • unique vertical flow design
  • state of the art solution

More parameters in the datasheet.

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