EC-3CT (3 Phase Current Logger)

The EC-3CT is used mainly by facilities management, contractors, electrical/site services and maintenance engineers to monitor loading variations on site helping them to diagnose any load related issues. Also used for UPS sizing and monitoring and standby generator sizing and monitoring. Perfect for gathering data to make a case for splitting-up the loading or increasing feeder or transformer capacity. The EC-3CT uses traditional clamp-on current transformers (CT's) and has a maximum input of 300A per channel, making it accurate at lower currents, suitable for domestic and light commercial logging. The CTs fit around cables of diameter 30mm (1.2") or less.

Designed to be accurate at current levels from 0.5A to 300A (model dependent), to allow monitoring of light commercial, small industrial, farms and domestic/residential loads, actual kW ratings below depend on the system voltage.

For larger loads, we recommend the EC-3A range which are designed for currents over 300A and larger cable diameters (up to 140mm, 14cm, 6inch)

The advantage of the Electrocorder products over most others is that our data loggers constantly sample information (recording the Min, Max and Average) over the set period, many other products only take 'snap shots' of what is going on and can miss 99.9% of the data that is critical to your analysis.

Quick Overview:


  • Enables current or load problems to be highlighted and investigated.
  • Allows users to accurately record load currents up to 300Aac.
  • Three current input channels (A1, A2, & A3).
  • Records IAvg, IMax & IMin on all 3 channels. Data stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • Recorded data is uploaded to a PC for analysis with Electrosoft.
  • Memory capacity of 32,000 (true RMS) values per channel (10bit), up to 300 days continuous recording.
  • Free software, Electrosoft.
  • Kit includes data logger, current transducers, USB lead, Electrosoft software and a carry case.
  • Selectable averaging period to suit each situation, accurate to ~1% of range.
  • Accuracy:
  1. 2-10A <5% of reading
  2. 11-50A < 3% of reading
  3. 51-300A <1% of reading



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