GenRad 1546 Digital Stroboscope

GenRad 1546 Digital Stroboscope


  • High flashing rates for a stroboscope-up to 25,000 Fashes per minute, direct reading.
  • Flash duration from 1.2 μs to 2 μs for clear, crisp images.
  • Lightweight and handheld, very easy to use unit with digital readout


The GenRad 1546 digital stroboscope emits a high-intensity, short-duration flash of light. The stroboscope features an electronic pulse generator that controls the flash rate, a line-operated power supply, and a light-emitting diode (LED) five digit readout in flashes per minute. The instrument has internally and externally triggered modes of operation. In the Internal mode, the stroboscopes flash is triggered by an internal oscillator pulse which can also drive other IET stroboscopes for additional light sources. In the External mode, the 1546 operates as a digital tachometer

The 1546 digital stroboscope, weighing 1.25 kg (2.75 lb), is sufficiently light in weight to permit convenient hand-held operation. Thus, the light can be aimed at most moving objects, including those in otherwise inaccessible areas. The instrument is contained in a high-impact, injection-molded plastic housing. The strobe can be held in the operator's hands, placed on any convenient flat surface, or mounted on a tripod.




The 1546 digital stroboscope is particularly suited to speed measurements because of the instant digital readout. In machinery design and maintenance applications, the stroboscope will help determine the speed of rotating components, slippage between shafts, condition of belts and gears, alignment of couplings, and effect of chassis vibration, all at operating speed. It is very useful for quality control inspection and set-up of process machinery such as bottling, canning, packaging, and stamping operations. Other ideal applications of the stroboscope are textile machinery adjustments, printing press registration, electrical equipment design and servicing, photography of high speed events, and physics lab demonstrations. The 1546 is designed for maximum portability and particularly suited to speed measurements. This stroboscope is great for machinery design and maintenance applications along with quality control inspection and others.


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