GenRad 1986 Omnical Sound Level Calibrator -Remanufactured


GenRad 1986 Omnical Sound Level Calibrator -Remanufactured


Capable of testing all the basic characteristics of virtually any acoustic instrument or system

Multi-level outputs 74, 84, 94, 104, or 114 dB re 20µPa output

Multi-frequency outputs 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 or 4000 Hz

Portable battery-operated




The GenRad 1986 Sound Level Calibratior is designed to permit checking nearly all the characteristics of a sound-level meter as specified by IEC and ANSI standards. With its supplied and optional microphone cavity adaptors, it can be used with all types and sizes of commonly used measurement microphones.


The calibrator includes tones at six different frequencies, from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz in octave steps, and five different sound-pressure levels, from 74 to 114 dB in 10 dB steps. This allows a sensitivity check of an acoustic instrument near the specific frequency and level of each measurement being made.


The frequency response of an overall sound-measuring system, weighing network or filter may also be checked. The two sources of linearity error in a sound-measuring instrument are easily checked with the 1986. One source is the indicator scale (meter or digital display) and the other the level-range control. The multi-level output of the 1986 allows selection of different levels on a sound-measuring system and a check of the instrument's response at each level.


Standards require that fast detector response be tested by applying a sinusoidal signal having a frequency of 1000 Hz and a duration of 200 ms. Slow detector response is tested by applying a sinusoidal signal having a frequency of 1000 Hz and a duration of 500 ms. The 1986's tone burst mode allows checking to the above requirements by automatically presenting a 1000-Hz sinusoidal signal of either 200-ms or 500-ms duration.


The GenRad 1986 Sound Level Calibrator permits a check of rms accuracy and crest-factor capability by presenting repeated tone bursts with a high crest factor.


The transducer on the1986 is resiliently mounted to protect against damage from the accidental bumps and drops often encountered in field calibration simulations. The entire assembly, except for the test cavity, is enclosed in a molded plastic case that is tightly sealed against dust and moisture.


The cavity of the 1986 is designed to fit GenRad 1-inch microphones, the WE640AA and Tokyo Riko MR130. An adaptor is included to accommodate GenRad ½-inch microphones. An optional adaptor set allows you to use the 1986 on instruments with Bruel & Kjaer 1-inch, ½-inch and ¼-inch microphones, the Shure Brothers 1 1/8-inch microphone, and the 3/8-inch microphone on GenRad's 1954 Noise Dosimeter.


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