J2180A 0.1Hz -100MHz Ultra Low Noise Preamp


J2180A 0.1Hz -100MHz Ultra Low Noise Preamp            

  • Works with all oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers
  • Active DC bias loop maintains low DC output voltage
  • High input impedance compatible with typical probes minimizes circuit loading
  • Low noise
  • Works with near field probes for EMI troubleshooting
  • Improves effective noise floor and spurious response
  • Very wide bandwidth
  • Compatible with J2170A power supply
  • Detailed Specifications

Product Information

The J2180A low noise preamplifier provides a fixed, AC coupled 20dB gain while converting a 1 MOhm input impedance to a 50 Ohm output impedance. With a 3dB bandwidth of 0.1Hz to 100MHz, the preamplifier improves the sensitivity of oscilloscopes, network analyzers and spectrum analyzers while reducing the effective noise floor and spurious response. The preamplifier can also serve as a low frequency DC blocker for a spectrum analyzer or you can use it to connect a high input impedance oscilloscope probe to 50 Ohm equipment.

The J2180A preamplifier offers very low noise, fast 100V/uS slew rate for pulse applications and very low distortion for audio applications.


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