Low profile compression load cells

Low profile Compression loadcells are sensors suitable for installation into bridge scales as well as weighing ligher, medium and heavy constructions (storage tanks, reservoirs, silos), where the monitoring element in sensor - strain gauge is being compressed specially on pressure.

Working load at lighter loadcells ranges from 100kg to 1.000kg, at medium sizes from 2.500kg to 30.000kg, see fig.1 and at heavy ones from 50.000kg up to 750.000kg, see fig.2.

Compression which we need to measure by the loadcell shall be perpendicularly directed into the centre of compressed point, see the datasheet and shall never exceed ultimate overload that equals 300% from value on which the loadcell is set to. Safe overload is 150%.

Comression loadcells are made from high-quality swedish stainless steel.

Operating temperature range: -20 up to + 70°C

Nominal sensitivity: 2 mV/V ± 0,1%

Protection degree: IP67.

Based on requirements there is also an option to supply a modified version suitable for explosive environment ATEX.

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