Mixed mode DC power supply P9610A

Mixed mode DC power supply P9610A



  • Mixed Mode: Switched Efficiency + Linear Performance
  • Programming Accuracy (V:0.05% + 10mV/C: 0.2% + 10mA)
  • Line and Load Regulations (V: 0.01% + 2mV/C: 0.01% + 250uA)
  • Autoranging: P9610A (1mV - 36V, 1mA - 7A), P9611A (10mV - 60V, 1mA - 6A)
  • Fast Transient Response Time: P9610A < 30us, P9611A < 50us
  • Ripple and Noise: P9610A <350uVrms, P9611A <500uVrms
  • Master / Slave Control: Various Connections for P9610A
  • Sequencing Mode: 8 Programmable Points
  • Remote Sense: Stable and Accurate Output
  • An Optical Knob: Provides a Durable and Precise Control
  • P9610A/11A´s Size and Weight: 214.6W x 88.8Hx280D mm, <2500g/5.5 Lbs
  • Great ratio power/price


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