U6200A/U6220A - Frequency counter 6 GHz


U6200A/U6220A - Marvelous 6GHz Counter plus 400MHz Universal Solutions

with great features and with great price (low cost instrument):

  • channel 3 provides 375MHz - 6 GHZ frequency range (20 GHz as option)
  • channel 1 and 2 provide 1mHz - 400 MHz frequency range
  • U6220A - 400 MHz frequency, single channel
  • 12 digits resolution with 1s gate time
  • 40 ps time domain function resolution
  • Time domanin function (rise/fall time, pulse width, time interval), peak voltage, phase
  • timebase reference temperature stability < 1 PPM
  • multi-parameter display of results
  • easy-to-use keys with light
  • operation instructions on buttons
  • connection via USB, Ethernet 10M/100M and as option GPIB
  • support IEEE488.2/USBTMC
  • support webserver
  • support a high stability oven (option)
  • FREE PC software

More information you can read on datasheets (with comparison sheet between models U6200A and U6220A). For the lowest price contact our office.


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