WATT-NetTM Plus Data & Asset Management Software


WATT-NetTM Plus Data & Asset Management Software


A Comprehensive Inventory Tracking Package


WATT-NetTM Plus offers powerful functionality and ease of use, specifically designed for the meter industry. Thanks to our exclusive focus on meter testing, coupled with extensive utility input, you can enjoy the benefits of a powerful tracking system.


From the leader in meter testing equipment comes WATT-NetTM Plus: A comprehensive inventory tracking package that offers powerful functionality and ease of use, specifically designed for the meter industry. Thanks to our exclusive focus on meter testing, coupled with extensive utility input, you can enjoy the benefits of a powerful tracking system uniquely suited to the task at hand.


WATT-NetTM Plus tracks your metering equipment over its lifecycle and enhances or automates most meter shop functions including; Receiving, shipping, box and pallet functions, clerical and administrative functions, transformer testing, purchase order tracking, manufacturer and contract test data import, full separation of data and functions for multiple operating companies, custom barcode printing and scanning, AMR module tracking, tamper case documentation, metering assembly tracking with automatic multiplier calculation, and much, much more.


Productivity in a Box


WATT-NetTM Plus is meter data management software specifically designed to maximize the productivity of your meter shop. With expanding duties and shrinking personnel pools, it is critical that any new system simplifies your job, not complicate it. Our exclusive focus on meter testing, combined with extensive utility input, results in software that is efficient, operator friendly, and carefully matched to the task at hand.


To extend the productivity even further, we can provide custom batch or real time data transfer to other meter, inventory or customer information systems.


Asset Management


WATT-NetTM Plus is ideal for lifecycle tracking for all of your meter equipment. Meters and transformers enter the system via manufacturer diskette or e-mail. Each time the equipment passes through the shop, full transfer and test data is saved. When retired, the data, operator, and reason are recorded. At any time, the current status, location, and history of the equipment can be displayed.


Easy to Learn & Use


With WinboardTM you can easily load and test a meter. Predefined forms make selecting the type of meter easy, or you can create your own custom meter forms. KWH, demand, and standards compare tests are easy to access, change, and run. By using the file/graph and Hyper SequenceTM features, you can run custom load curve and meter qualifying tests. These results can then be exported to generate detailed reports. This is particularly useful for new meter evaluation, long running problem meter analysis, and duplicating field conditions.


Versatile Testing Options


Winboard'sTM powerful Hyper SequenceTM feature allows you to set up, run, and save a virtually unlimited number of tests on a meter in any quadrant (Watt, VAR, Forward, or Reverse depending on your testboard's capabilities) with a single test sequence. This feature is popular for substation and InterTie testing, co-generation metering testing, acceptance lab testing, and for meter manufacturer pre-production and sample testing.


Turbo TestTM Option


We have worked hand-in-hand with the industry's leading meter manufacturers to bring you Turbo TestTM technology. Reduce the amount of time it takes to test a supported meter on either Model 2300 or 2350 three-phase testboards to nearly one fifth of regular testing time. Save your shop valuable time and money with our Turbo TestTM option.


Customizable Security Options


WinboardTM allows you to customize security settings that meet your specific needs. The software allows you to assign users to particular groups, each of which has access to the commands and functions that you specify. Access to sensitive information, such as % Error Tables, can be assigned to only the user or users that you want. You can determine what information is required for users to log onto the WinboardTM system. Choose from simple user ID logins to extremely secure password protected security options.


Streamlined Input & Output


By using Winboard'sTM versatile data management features, you can cut the time required to test a meter and effectively organize the results. Attach an optional barcode scanner to quickly read form numbers and customer information. When testing is done, you can export the meter information, customer information, and test results over WATT-NetTM to a central PC where the data can be managed and sorted. Furthermore, you can export test results to a database or spreadsheet program.


Create Custom Forms


Use Testboard Utilities to create new meter form numbers, form connections, and relationship phases, as well as editing system presets. You can also use Testboard Utilities to edit test types to meet your exact needs.


Organize Your Test Results with WATT-NetTM


The WinboardTM software also supports the WATT-NetTM feature. This allows the user to communicate over the WATT-NetTM local area network to transmit meter test data and other user specified information to a central PC. Individual meter records may then be retrieved and organized for quick report generation. WATT-NetTM gives the user convenient storage, access, and the ability to download test information from a central PC.


Help is Just a Click Away


WinboardTM includes Software Wizards that allow the user to easily set up and begin using many features such as demand and standards compare, as well as a file test builder. Easy to access on-line help makes learning and navigating the software simple by offering detailed information on all of WinboardsTM key commands, security features, test parameters, and system defaults.


Customer Service and Technical Support


As with any our product, you can be assured that you are getting a quality product that is backed by quality customer service. Any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have about WinboardTM or Testboard Utilities can be directed to our knowledgeable software development staff.


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