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Wed 17.07.2019
Non-Invasive Stability Measurement (‘NISM’) Software for VNA
Picotest has released Non-Invasive Stability Measurement (‘NISM') software for the popular Rohde & Schwarz ZNL Vector Network Analyzer test instrument series.
Thu 06.12.2018
SPIDER - Mounting System for Temperature Sensors in Temperature and Climatic Chambers
Mounting System for Temperature Sensors in Temperature and Climatic Chambers SPIDER 600/1000
Wed 23.08.2017
ClampMan - solution for fixing PCBs
New in Omicron-Lab products range - solution for fixing PCBs
Wed 23.08.2017
AM1758 Gradient PRT
New in AccuMac product range - AM1758 Gradient PRT

Equipment for Restorers

Tue 22.08.2017

Equipment for Restorers


Specialised Equipment for Restorers



With heating and fan cooling system for different processes at restoration of arts.Table in equipped With supported legs Which can be demounted for easy transportation to another location. This types of tables are standardly equipped With microprocessor temperature control for stable and equal temperature distribution at Whole Working surface, fan cooling system and air pump With vacuum gauge. The table can be supplied in different sizes. The maximum dimension of table is 1,5m x 3m.



Comparison of temperature and relative humidity oscillation between room and microclimatic chamber. Microclimatic chambers developed in co-operation With K-R CENTAR from Zagreb.

microklimatic chambersmicroclimatic chambers



Wide range of different freeze diyers, form laboratory bench-top units and pilot systems to small production units. Our freeze dryers are easy to use, reliable and have a long life operation. Most important advantages for freeze drying are:
- to complete dry up vaporizable substances
- minimal change of dimensions
- minimal surface modification

Different types: Lio-5P, Lio-1 OP, Lio-ZOOOP, Lio-8000



Digesters are completely made of AlSl 304 stainless steel. In special cases they can be made of aluminium profiles and tempered glass. Digesters are basically equipped With illumination, fan and power socket for other devices. Dimensions can be adapted to the available space or client's needs.
Standard sizes are: 1200mm, 1500mm and 2000mm.


  • MPV-2

THE FIELD OF USAGE - Micro blasting device MPV-2 is designed for fine blasting of smaller parts which are made of different kinds of materials. It is most suitable for Working With archaeological excavations and blasting in dentistry.

External dimensions: 595 x 600 x 355 (W x H x L)
Dosing of blasting material Press. Air: 2+8 bar + fan


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