Load cell for the global weighing and force measuring industry.
Metior Srl., is an Italian manufacturer of load cells with over 35 years of experience in the global weighing and force measuring industry. Metior Srl. offers products suitable for essentially safe application with ATEX, IECEx approval across all types of load cells. OIML Certfication of Conformity is also available on request. Its new, modern and top of class climate chamber maintains constant weight/force, temperature and humidity for specified number of days to trace the slightest fluctuation in the readings to control the accuracy of the load cell. It has a comprehensive and modern calibration suite, which can calibrate up to 600 tons under safe test conditions and features environmental testing chambers for enhanced product accuracy (I.N.R.I.M Certified).

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Short product overview:

  • Shear Beam Load Cells
  • Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cells
  • Bending Beam Load Cells
  • Single Point Load Cells
  • Pancake Load Cells
  • Annular Load Cells
  • Compression Load Cells
  • S Type Load Cells
  • Load Pins
  • Rope Clamps
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