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is German manufacturer of measurement accessories.The name Schützinger stands for a diversified range of products and services — and for good connections. Customers from the most varied of sectors value Schützinger as a manufacturing provider for customised Electrical Connectors and a supplier of a wide range of standard products within this field. Moreover, Schützinger is a strong advisory project partner for solutions when it comes to Building Technology, Lighting and Fire-Proofing as well as for Medical Foot Switches for manufactures of medical devices.

Using at markets:


  • didactic market
  • schools and universities
  • public inquiries
  • electro industry
  • automotive
  • manufacturer of measurement systems
  • lighting industry
  • railway industry
  • medical industry
  • special applications

  • plugs
  • sockets
  • couplers
  • adapters
  • connection plugs
  • leads
  • test probes
  • crocodile clips
  • Quick-release terminals
  • terminal posts
  • thread locking/sealing lacquer
  • accessories

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